Hi everyone,

Is been a long while.

I’m sure I missed out alot.

Hope all has been going exceeding well?

I’m back now and will make everything worthwhile.

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Ceejay Cares😊✌



Hi Mrs Rain

Arrgh! She didn’t even return my kind gesture.
Hello! Mrs Rain

Good morning Little Jack

How are you today?

Not fine, Mrs Rain

What bothers my little friend?

The other day Mrs Rain, I waved and greeted but you didn’t respond.
Oh! That

I was in a hurry

I’m sorry Jack

Duty called.
Huh! What’s duty?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Don’t worry little Jack

As you grow, you will understand.

But… Mrs Rain
Goodbye Jack

Bye Mrs Rain.

©️Joy Nworie


Dear Future Husband,

Please pray for me; your future wife,

Pray we stop all wrong ways before we meet,

Pray that I will know to love you,

Pray that I be submissive all the time,

Pray that our weakest points won’t set in our marriage,

Pray that our future kids won’t grow like their Mother,

But Like Jesus did while on Earth,

Pray that we will not have any evil challenge nor circumstance,

For I also pray for all these too 🙏

Pray for our success in all ventures,

And lastly, Pray that we both forever as well as our families will dwell in the bosom of The Lord.


I miss us,

I miss who we used to be,

You think I don’t have feelings nor human conscience,

Of cause; I do!

Just that I can’t keep lying to myself,

I can’t boast about having you either.

I entered a relationship with you quickly, to see if something will come out of it,

But to no avail.

You sacrificed alot for me; for us

I’m grateful for all that!

If I wanted you back again, it’s just to fulfill all righteousness of not making my thoughts guilty of all the vain things you sacrificed

But I can’t cause when I look at the other side, I see there’s nothing called “LOVE” left in me to give.


‘Cause the Man I thought I loved thinks he still got time and still young enough for him not to help himself,

‘Cause I’m tired of not seeing a change,

‘Cause I’m tired of hearing the same things everyday,

‘Cause I actually wasn’t ready for a serious dilemma

Yes! I used the word ‘dilemma‘ cause as time goes on, it becomes complicated and need lots of effort to keep the spark on going.

I believe in “LOVE” but I don’t know how to love cause I can’t keep up with it,

I only understand and know the word “CARE

I hope you understand my reasons for this sudden act

Goodbye My Lover

You’ve been the one for me.



She used to have that spotless face,

Her shadow alone could make Men fall into deep waters,

She was too angelic and seemed careful about her ways.

Unfortunately, she started feeling depressed and suicidal,

No one could guess what she suffered from,

Her complexion turned pale,

Her looks like that of a cow’s dung,

Her charisma failed her each passing time,

She wasn’t being taken care of anymore,

She was dying slowly,

Soon, her shadow gradually started fading,

Her tales dried up like a wet cloth caressed by the harmattan wind,

All they could do was spit and throw ills at her,

They forgot she was that Beautiful Goddess at the gates,

But with the little strength and courage she had left, she kept striving,

Believing that all will be fine in the end.

Let’s make Peace NIGERIA

Let’s live in Love and Unity 

And make our Nation a better place to live in.

©️Joy Nworie


Feeling left out that I had to shut myself from the outside world,

My believed only companion was dead for the moment,

I began sobering with the thoughts of how my own blood(s) looked down on me,

Felt somewhat cold; wrapped in a blanket,

Soon she came in; showed her affection,

The best part was her touch,

As she laid her hands on me, the cold vanished into thin air,

I felt loved,

I felt secure,

But I couldn’t utter a word,

All that ran through my cheeks were tears of Joy

Showing how satisfied I am from a

Mother’s Little Touch of Love😊

©️Joy Nworie


The day was like any other day

But to me, it wasn’t

I was exicted like I was the one celebrating

The couple weren’t going to make a fuss

Just a quote meal and memories.
Everything suddenly changed

When she phoned and texted

Oh! My beloved daughter said Dad

You reminded us of the day we forgot,

Thank you and God bless you.

Huh! How could they possibly forget,

She thought.
Life has not been easy

The usual ups and downs of marriage

Nothing was new about this

Somehow, it’s their 26th wedding anniversary

Somehow, what she did will forever be recalled

Never to be wiped away because she brought back memories and smiles to their faces.

Written Also in Memories of their 25th Wedding Anniversary.
Happy 26th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad. Cheers!!!

©️Joy Nworie


Someone asked me; Do you keep a diary?

Yes! I said and he said “what’s the name?; for I know girls always gives their stuffs names.

                    😂😂 Laughed I.

   I simply replied “It’s Berry” and His                                    name is Ty.

              Oh! It’s a he? He asked.

   Can you ever loose your dairy? I thought… and replied; Never!

Because it’s my past, present and future.

And lastly he asked… Can I read your diary?

I answered confidently…. If only you had the key, which you don’t.


I woke up from my dream world

I rebuked the diary for it was never mine

And will never be back.

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